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Series M:

Helical Inline Geared Motor RADICON POWERBUILD series Helical Inline Geared Motor and Reducers belong to the latest generation highly efficient Universal drive solutions suitable for almost all applications. The product has a very sturdy and elegant design that covers ratios beyond 20,000: I along with a capability of delivering a torque of 20,000 Nm.

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Series C:

Right Angel Heliworm Geared Motor RADICON POWERBUILD range of Helical Worm Geared Motor provides the optimum solutions for right angled drives with a high efficiency and multiple mounting options. Ratios upto 250:1 can be easily achieved in just two stages and upto 16,000:1 in multiple stages. Torques upto 10,000 Nm can be transmitted.

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Series F :

Parallel Shaft Mounted Geared Motor RADICON POWERBUILD Series Parallel Shaft Mounted Geared Motor comes with multiple mounting options and ratios upto in multiple stages. This product comes with an integral torque arm for shaft mounted applications. This product is extensively used for Hoist and Cranes; Mixers and Agitators, Steel and Tube Rolling Mills and a range of Conveyor applications.

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Series K :

Right Angle Helical Bevel Geared Motor Series K from RADICON POWERBUILD is an extremely efficient Right Angled Gearbox. It can deliver torque upto 33,000 Nm with a ratio of upto 10,000:1. Apart from superior aesthetics, the product is very flexible in terms of mounting options. This proven workhorse finds widespread applications in most core industries like, Cement, Steel, Power, Mining and other infrastructure projects.

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Series J :

Shaft Mounted Speed Reducer Series J from RADICON POWERBUILD is available in most popular ratios. A very simple product that is easy to mount and dismount using our patented KIBO technology. By varying input speed using pulley, chain or belt drive, the output RPM can be controlled to suit any application. This product delivers excellent performance especially for the construction, glass, ceramic, mining, paper and chemical industries.

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Series PL:

Planetary Geared Motor RADICON POWERBUILD range of smart Planetary Geared Motor and Gearbox provide an ideal solutions for inline(and right angled) applications which require very high ratios upto 2500:1 in a limited space. The current product range covers torque upto 65,000 Nm. The product has a range of options on the output side to suit customer needs.

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Series A:

Compact Geared Motor RADICON POWERBUILD Series A is a genre of Compact Geared Motors with proven performance. This product can be manufactured and delivered in the shortest time to minimize the downtime at the customer location. Series A Compact Geared Motor has a stylish design, is easy to install, light weight and comes with a small footprint. The product is grease filled for life which makes it simple and maintenance free.

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Series P:

Custom Drive Solutions RADICON POWERBUILD has its in-house design and testing facility along with state-of-the-art manufacturing set up. Drive solutions can be tailored to suit individual customer/project requirement. Popularly known as "Series P", PBL has delivered solutions for a range of applications. Today over 200,000 gear boxes are installed across India for applications with torques upto 20000 Nm.

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MOTO DRIVE Geared Motors:

PBL offers mechatronic solutions for motor ratings from 0.37kW to 3.3kW for wide range of motion control applications. These Variable Frequency Drives are integrated with the Geared Motor (decentralized drives) and hence can be controlled remotely. The RADICON POWERBUILD MOTO DRIVE Solutions are available with all categories of Geared Motors. They are customized for application like food processing, material handling conveyors, packaging, baggage handling etc.

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Loose Gears and Pinions (Custom Gears):

POWER BUILD LIMITED has one of the best manufacturing facility in the world to produce Loose Gears and Pinions of high accuracy ranging upto DIN Class 6. The range includes gears upto 11OOmm diameter. Highly specialized gears have been delivered for application in Railways, Texti le, Compressors, Pumps, Defence, Steel,Power and Construction machinery.

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